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Both, translating and interpreting have the goal of communicating one language into another.  Translation deals with the written word, while interpreting with the spoken word.
At Smart Translations we provide Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation Services as well as One-on-one Phone interpreting and Conference calls.
The difference between consecutive  and simultaneous interpreting is that in the Consecutive intepreting the interpreter listens while a person speaks; the speaker pauses and then the interpreter renders what has just been said in another language.  No special equipment is needed.
In simultaneous interpreting the interpreter listens to a person speaking in one language, while at the same time restates what the speaker is saying into another language. The conversation takes place almost instantaneously, so the interpreter cannot stop the speech to catch up or to ask questions. Simultaneous interpreting should be done in teams of two interpreters who take turns every 20-30 minutes, and it requires special radio or IF equipment.

Please call us if you need someone to go with you to your:
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Church Conferences
  • Business Meetings
  • Court Hearings
  • Depositions
  • Medical Visits
  • At-Home-Therapies
  • Appointments at Immigration
Rates vary depending the language, and are charged by the hour, with rates that start at $50 dlls. being $80 dlls. the highest rate. Very special rates apply when you ask us for more than 10 interpreters in a certain period of time...please ask us about it!
For Phone Interpreting the cost is $1.00 /minute if you make the phone call; $1.50/minute if we make the phone call to you or to a (local) third party.
Interpretation is a specialized skill requiring intense concentration, mental flexibility and a professional sense of responsibility, combined with a vast vocabulary and fluency in at least two languages. Not everyone that speaks two languages can be an interpreter, as interpreting is much more than just talking. As an interpreter, you are expected to be able to understand what people are talking about, including slangs, and restate it in another language making sure that it makes sense to the receivers.
With how much time in advance do we need to ask for an interpreter?
As it is always better to know at least a day in advance about your interpreting needs, we are a team of more than 70 interpreters, so we are great at covering short-notice, last minute assignments at no extra cost.  Just give us a call!
   When you hire an interpreter from
Smart Translations
you are getting a skilled
 professional in
facilitating communication  between two groups of  people divided by a linguistic and cultural barrier 
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