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FAQs about Translations

How do I know if the translation is accurate?

At Smart Translations, the work is done by an experienced translator. Then the translation is sent to a second translator for editing. Here the translated text is compared to the original and any necessary modifications are made; the already edited document is then sent to the proofreader who revises the final version and checks that sentence structure and appropriate grammar is used. When all this is done, the Project Manager who is also the Principal Translator at Smart Translations and Interpreters, Inc. revises the translation to make sure that everything is complete, accurate and to ensure that all the documents requested by the client (i.e. Certification, Notarization, Invoice), are properly included. By following these steps, we strive to ensure that our client will never be embarrassed by errors in any translation that we provide.

How long does a translation take?

Turnaround time varies with each project. Our normal turnaround time is two days for the first 3,000 words and one additional day for each additional 2,000 words. This enables us sufficient time for editing and proofreading the translation.

Do you use machine translation?

Smart Translations does not use machine translation. Machine translation is only able to provide a word for word substitution of a given text without applying logic or context, which is contrary to our motto: WE DO TRANSLATIONS THAT MAKE SENSE!

Do you handle all the translations at your office?

No. Like all translation agencies, we also work with professional translators throughout the United States, and many other countries.

Do you do voiceovers?

Yes. We also do transcriptions, voice-mail recordings, and provide video-spoke models for commercials.

Do you provide a special rate for Churches? Why?

Yes, we do provide a special rate for Christian churches. The reason is that we are a family business whose values are based in the principles of the Word of God. This assures our clients that we will conduct ourselves with integrity and always trying to honor our Lord Jesus Christ in everything we do. If you are a Minister or represent a Christian ministry, please let us know!

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