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Smart Translations, aware of the economic situation most people are facing these days, offers very affordable rates, without compromising in any way the quality of your TRANSLATION: While most companies charge $0.27 cents/word, we only charge between $0.12 and 0.19 cents/word depending on the complexity and/or nature of the document (some exceptions apply). This rate includes the translation and proofreading of the document, this way you don't have to look for someone else to review it since you will be receiving a flawless, free-of-mistakes translation.

Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, Police Clearances, Passports, etc. are done at a flat rate of $70.00 dlls. for English-Spanish ONE-PAGE translations. Other languages range between $80-100 dlls. (Some exceptions apply). This price INCLUDES the CERTIFICATION and the SHIPPING to any place in the US, via USPS first class. We can also provide NOTARIZATION at a minimum extra cost. Please also check our INTERPRETATION RATES.

Editing and Proofreading ONLY

All our translated documents are also edited and proofread by other members of our team. However if you have documents that need to be Edited and/or Proofread ONLY we do that also! For an exact quote, please contact us.

The finished work would be sent via e-mail or via USPS First Class within the U.S., at no extra charge (3-5 days). We will send documents outside the U.S. charging the USPS fees only.

If you need your document to be sent by:

  • Priority Mail (2 to 3 days) or by
  • Express Mail Delivery (by noon, next day)we will only charge the shipping fee established by USPS.

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